Transmission Repair and Maintenance

Transmission repair

Transmissions Service and Repair

Why it’s important to use Transmission service and repair.

Most people don’t consider their transmission when it comes to routine maintenance. They only think about it when it fails. Let us help you save big money with our routine transmission service and repair. It should be done as routinely as replacing your engine oil. Below, we’ve listed the different transmission services we offer at Quality Star Imports and Domestics.

Step one is to always perform an automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange. Changing the fluid routinely can prevent premature wear and tear to the transmission. During the service we replace the old transmission fluid with new fluid, as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. This automatic transmission fluid lubricates, cleans and cools internal components of the transmission even in the hot Las Vegas weather. It also maintains the hydraulic pressure which is extremely important for the transmission to function properly. During this service we will also replace the Transmission Filter to assist in the removal of dirt and grime from the fluid itself.


We also provide Manual Transmission Service to help lubricate the gears, bearings, shafts, and other internal components. This helps prevent the heat, pressure and friction from breaking  down the additives in the manual transmission fluid. It’s also important to understand, that small particles of metal occasionally come off the gears over time and these metal particles can slowly affect the fluids.

In closing, the best way to avoid these issues is to bring your vehicle in routinely to let us perform this service for you, the greater the consistency of this service, the better the lubrication, which over time will improve the holding ability of the friction elements of your Transmission. This ensures your transmission will work better, and for a longer period of time. In turn, this means reduced chances that you will face a major transmission repair.

Quality Star Imports and Domestics will be happy to discuss the details of this service to you over the phone or in person. Please come and see us today.