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Brake Service and repair

Brake Repair

For most of us, brake service and repair tends to be an afterthought. and we generally only think about them when they start to grind or require more pressure to function. This kind of costly failure can be avoided with routine brake checkers performed by Quality Star Imports and Domestics.

It is vital that your brakes are in perfect working condition. Once you notice squeaking or stops that require extra effort, then it may be time for a brake service and repair or even replacement.

The first step is to Inspect your Brake System

One of the first things we will do is complete a thorough inspection of your brakes and components including your antilock braking equipment. If your system is equipped with ABS, we will actually check the entire system. Then we’ll inspect the brake pedals, lights and your parking brake. Our process also requires that we check your fluid levels, brake pads, rotors and other important safety components.
This inspection will reveal any problems that may exist which will determine the kind of service that you need. If inspected routinely, in most cases only the pads will need to be replaced. The longer you wait, the greater the chance for much more costly repairs.

Rotor Inspection service

During our Rotor inspection, we will also check the rotors for any damages such as grooves, cracks, dark spots or scratches which could require resurfacing. It is also important that we check the rotor runout to ensure they are within the safety guidelines.

Damaged rotors can be costly and dangerous. If you hear that unfortunate grinding sound, please come and see us immediately. Any damage to your rotors can cause your brakes to fail when you need them most which can lead to vehicle damage and put your entire family at risk.  Don’t wait, until its too late.

The next step during our inspection service is to check the Caliper Mounts.

In this segment of the Brake Inspection, we also check the brake shoes, drums, the wheel cylinder and any other components. If any problems are found we are quick to take corrective measures. We will also look for any leaks in your steel brake lines, the master cylinder, proportioning valve, ABS and the rubber hoses.
If we find any of these items to be failing or damaged, we will be sure to replace them during your brake service and repair. 

Additional Brake Service

As a precaution during our brake service and repair, we will also check for any strange noises. We’ll make sure nothing is loose or ready to fail.

Call Quality Star Imports and Domestics today to schedule your Brake Diagnostic. Spend less now, or more later. Don’t wait.